The Worth of the un-Worthy

To find your worth, look inside, they said. “You are worth as much as you allow.” But in reality, our own inner worth means very little when meeting strangers. How would they know the level at which we hold ourselves? How would they know how we treasure ourselves? The honest answer is that they don’t. […]

Dating today (and how we’re all screwed)

There used to be an elaborate and delicate process of courtship, whereby people would actually get to know each other in real life. Upon first sight, there was a moment of wonder and innocence which whispered unnamed desires and fruitful actions. Each individual acted with caution, feeling out the chemistry and mood of the situation […]

Riding on a Gust of Wind

I have only tasted one small morsel of the depths of love, and I cannot pull away. I have only seen a glimpse into your world, and I cannot look away. To only lean over the edge and look down is not enough. I lean. I leann. I leannn. And then I fall. Falling, falling, […]

When the floor falls out

Honestly so disheartened towards love. I just recently returned to my home from a friend’s beautiful wedding weekend. She is a babe in every sense of the word, and her, now, husband is a handsome, sweet, genuine fellow. I went through the weekend all smiles, and I could not be happier for her as they […]

Denial: A love story

via Daily Prompt: Denial Once upon a time, I felt very alone. I lived in a mental space where I craved any kind of social interaction but pushed everyone away most of the time, leading to a very vicious cycle of self-absorbed binge-drinking. This led to my ignorance and denial of problems occurring in the […]

Haikus for a Wednesday

I look into you, And I see nothing more than All the hope I’ve lost. You are my muse, dear, For every vulgar word I have to expel. Talking to you now Is like licking a cactus To ask for the time. Could it be that you were never really any more than just a […]

How to Pack for an ADVENTURE

I truly believe that people would lead much happier lives if we were all allotted an ADVENTURE. Maybe once a year would be enough. Possibly twice. The people around me all seem slightly dead inside, heavy, and down. Imagine that the hopes of each individual are hidden innocently inside of bright red balloons. These orbs […]

Lost in the Distance

Real genuine affection is difficult to find, and, the harder it is sought, the further away it wanders. Many people search all their lives and never find it, or they settle for less than they are worth. I hope to never drop down to that level, but it seems perfectly logical that people must resort […]