Un-sleepful. Adjective meaning not full of sleep. This is how I spend most of my days and nights now. I wake up in the morning, un-refreshed and ruffled, the bags under my eyes carrying the weight of the world, like fluffy pillows filled with blue cotton-candy fiberglass insulation. I lay back and close my eyes, […]

Tracing circles in the sand

I have been trying this “new” method of living, but no one said it was going to be easy. I say “new” because the generation raised before mine (born in ’63 people) was never taught to pursue their wildest dreams or that they could be anyone they wanted to be. My parents worked really hard […]

Looking for Happiness Without a Raincoat

To be¬†happy– adj. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. The definition seems simple enough. To be happy one simply has to show or feel pleasure and contentment. But how do we get there? How do we reach thing existential point of oblivion where we engage on several different levels with the universe?¬†Something sought after by […]

Alone at the train station

Eyes closed, the trains screech past on rusty railways. Dusty leaves sweep through the air in spiraling dances. The ground is dirty, jaded, from the steps of a thousand busy travelers all anxious to reach their destinations, blurring the present moment with each hurried canter. Deep breath. Rust and smoke claw at the tip of […]

New dreams, new heights

Anyone can be an artist, all you have to do is try. Recently, I was talking with an old friend, and he said he had taken up drawing. He is currently in the process of learning how and really enjoys the challenge. I thought that was such a profound thought, to simply enable yourself to […]

In the Water

I often have strange and unnerving dreams. Terrors, if you will. We were visiting a strange zoo. This was the place where you could morph into any animal you desired and live that way for the duration of your stay. We heard about it on the radio and finally decided to come see it for […]

Personality pickles and The Reality Check

As a slightly askew Psych undergrad, I became entranced with the idea of people having specific personality types. Through labeling their mindset and giving them a category, one could discover what makes them tick, cry, squirm, and fall in love. I used it to try and figure people out, predict the duration of adoration, scheme […]

Eat and be happy.

Eat and be happy. I have struggled my whole life with weight and self-image. It seems I have found a good balance now, and I am so thankful to have reached this point in my life. Not every day is easy though, and often times I feel myself slipping into old mindsets and habits. I […]