Soul Searching

Have you ever felt that you don’t match up with the others within your cohort? Have you ever felt lost in a past generation? In my world, it seems as though most people are off on one track, cruising through sentimental moments while texting and keeping up with their social media facades; but I’m here just wanting to take in something real, center myself with some soothing, calming breaths from the natural energy around me and allow it to fill up my being to the brim with relief and solace. Maybe you and I are different than the others. Maybe you and I weren’t meant for “just anything” and “anyone.”

Going through life searching for a “safe haven” is not an easy endeavor. While it seems that the majority of people coast along without any thought as to wanting a real sense of belonging, there are still many individuals who are confused and adrift in this relentless pursuit. They want to feel wanted, live in the moment, be present in all aspects of their lives, and lead a fulfilling existence, and yet, the world around them says to not exist that way. To explain why some may feel left out of today’s accepted social norms, we should consider what inside of us is causing this yearning. Something that may be the reason for this outlook is the idea of the “soul.” A long disputed topic among scholars and religions alike, the “soul” is a intangible, abstract thing. You can’t touch it, you can’t realllly see it, you can’t smell it, but damn if you can’t FEEL it.

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