Dating today (and how we’re all screwed)

There used to be an elaborate and delicate process of courtship, whereby people would actually get to know each other in real life. Upon first sight, there was a moment of wonder and innocence which whispered unnamed desires and fruitful actions.

Each individual acted with caution, feeling out the chemistry and mood of the situation and then gradually inching closer to discovering the true nature of a human, peeling back the petals to peek within the depths.

Now, there is a certain amount of disdain for caution and nervousness. People are expected to be bold and outgoing, never shy, and should be confident in every aspect of themselves without any sign of weakness. Social media should reflect this as well and nothing else. Dating in the middle of this lava pit is a trap. Passionate, brief, emotional tie-less affairs are the main pursuit. It is difficult to see where old souls fit into this equation.

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