Riding on a Gust of Wind

I have only tasted one small morsel of the depths of love, and I cannot pull away.

I have only seen a glimpse into your world, and I cannot look away.

To only lean over the edge and look down is not enough.

I lean. I leann. I leannn. And then I fall.

Falling, falling, and I can only relish in the freedom of having neither ground nor sky to place me or tame my body.

I spiral through the breeze and hurl towards the nothingness, riding wave after wave of a gust of wind, my blood swirling and carrying me closer to you as I fall, fall.

My heart releases itself of normal rhythms and fills with only light and motion, healing.

With eyes closed, I see only the brightness that surrounds my mind, feel only the lightness in my chest, hear only the wind whirling, embracing, safe.

To WJH, for being the most real thing I have ever experienced

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