New dreams, new heights

Anyone can be an artist, all you have to do is try.

Recently, I was talking with an old friend, and he said he had taken up drawing. He is currently in the process of learning how and really enjoys the challenge. I thought that was such a profound thought, to simply enable yourself to be an artist, put in the time, and go for it. I applaud him in all of his boldness, but also, is it merely that simple? Can one simply decide one day to be an artist?

Most artists you ask would probably say it was never a choice or easy or without struggle. Artists work very hard to produce what images they envision in their minds, and I, myself have these same issues. I, however, am also too much of a coward to put myself out into the public eye enough to receive criticism. Maybe this year will be the year to make something special happen. I had never really considered taking art fully into my life and encouraging it like a young family member, nurturing it, and allowing it to grow into something great.

Being an artist should not be such a confined definition. An artist can exist in many different forms, some people are artists in how they choose to live their lives or how they speak, others in their paintings and clothes. Defining art is not what is important but rather not giving up the hope that it exists and can happen in each and every person’s life.

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